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Without any doubt, music is simply the biggest passion in the lives of every member of our team - it is what drives us every single day. If you're here then you're probably the same way too, and you enjoy making some noise - just as we do.

We also believe that music is a gift that anyone should be able to enjoy, with the greatest of ease and at the least possible expense. It is for this very reason that our prices are so modest, hopefully to encourage you to learn to play your favourite music.

We gain genuine pleasure from giving others the ability to achieve something new, the life-long satisfaction of being able to play their favourite riff, lick or figure over and over again.

It is our policy to ensure that you are more than satisfied with our product and our service, going the extra mile wherever possible and treating you in the same way as we ourselves would like to be treated.

So, why not give us a try?
The top ten requests have been:

Rank Artist Track
Scissor Sisters
Williams, Robbie
Split Enz
Crowded House
Beatles, The
Ruled By Secrecy
Time For A Change
Into Temptation
Somewhere Only We Know
Hey Jude
  • Total control over your own learning process.
  • No need to pay for costly lessons, spending weeks/months learning theory and scales.
  • Instant satisfaction.
  • A permanent and digital reference, the quality of which will never deteriorate.
  • Ability to slow-motion, pause and rewind play as many times as you need.
  • Learn from the comfort of your own environment, at your own pace.
  • Impress your friends, or learn just for your own pleasure!
  • Outstanding low cost, with no payment required until we have done our work.
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    Ruled By Secrecy
    965 Kb
    Samples scaled down to size
  • A professional DVD, playable on any standard DVD player or Windows PC.
  • All tracks professionally transcribed (i.e. no "busking") by a team of friendly
    professionals with over 40 years' experience of performing on the international stage.
  • Extra information where available, detailing any known live variations, anecdotes
    and accompanying parts (e.g. keys with strings).
  • Bonus features.
  • Guaranteed professional and friendly service with integrity.
    We strive to provide our product at the lowest possible cost without compromising its quality, or our level of personal service to you.

    The following prices include postage and packaging, with all items shipped first class:

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  • Please note that requests of a particularly strong technical difficulty may result in a very modest increase in cost (due to the extra time required for us to transcribe). We would of course try to avoid this wherever possible, but if necessary then we would discuss this with you beforehand, giving you the option to accept or decline.
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    Artist: 30,000 Days  
    Based: London, UK
    Members: 5

    So-called after the average human life-span, 30,000 Days have managed to churn out more than their allocated quota of gutsy, melodic anthems. Wherever their music has been mentioned - which has been compared to the likes of Yorke, Martin and Finn to name but a few - words such as inspired and haunting are rarely far behind.

    Tracks like Feel This Age and Watchful Eye are imbued with an affecting resonance which unwittingly plant themselves in the psyche. Just two examples from a diverse and impressive catalog of wonderful dynamics and sonic brilliance.

    To find out more about this artist, including information on how to hear more of their music, simply enter your email address in the field below and click on Submit. We will contact you shortly afterwards.

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